Best Gifts for Meditation Lovers: Our Top Picks

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Stress and exhaustion are a part of our everyday life. The hectic world we live in has us constantly on the go and our minds inundated with information and stressors. That’s why many people turn to the ancient practice of meditation. Scientifically proven to help with many ailments both physically and mentally, inserting a meditation practice into your daily life is a great way to combat the impact of the hectic world we live in. But what do you get the person who has achieved a Zen way of life?

There are many best gifts for meditation lovers in your life. We have collected a handful of the best for your consideration.

Comparison Chart

CafePress Heavily Meditated

Premium Healing Crystals Full Gift Set

Gaiam Zafu Meditation Cushion Pillow

Silent Mind ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

4.25″ White Set of 4 Home Decorative Porcelain Ceramic Yoga Figurine Statue

5 Best Gifts for Meditation Lovers

1. CafePress Heavily Meditated Coffee Mug

Laughter is the best medicine, and with this humorous mug from CafePress, you will be giving the gift of it to that devout meditation practitioner in your life.


Waking up in the morning and getting your day started right is always best with a little laughter and with this mug, you will be giving that as a gift every morning. The mug is printed on one side and is suitable for both hot and cold liquids so no matter their chosen brew, they will be set and ready to take on the day. This mug:

  • Comes in two color schemes (all white & white/black)
  • Is produced in ceramic which is durable and quickly taken care of
  • Has a handle that is easy to grip
  • Can be used in microwaves and dishwashers (should use top tray)
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee

Coffee or tea is a must for most, and if your friend or family member can’t start the day without it, then this nicely designed and very meditation-centric mug is a lovely gift. It is microwave and dishwasher safe which means they can choose cold or hot beverages as a pick-me-up and then clean it with ease. Often novelty mugs printings won’t stand the test of time, but not with this one. All recent buyers state that the print stays even after multiple washes.

It is ceramic, so if they are not careful, it may chip. The only other negative is that unfortunately instead of printing on both sides, the folks at CafePress only did one and so the message is not received in a full 360-degree manner.

So, if you know your meditation lover is careful and you like the message that this mug is sending, then choosing this as your present to them is a very cool choice.


  • Nice sleek and classic design
  • Microwave safe
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Printing holds up to multiple washes
  • Comes in two color schemes


  • May chip easily
  • Only printed on one side

2. Peoples Crystals Premium Healing Crystals Gift Set

Meditation has a lot of facets including the healing art of Reiki or even simple chakra work, and that is why this crystal healing set would be the perfect gift for the mediation enthusiast that has dove into one or both practices.


No matter if you are getting this gift as a home decoration or a piece to put in practice, the recipient of your very thoughtful gift will be pleased with the bargain of this crystal set. This healing crystal set:

  • Includes tumbled chakra stones (7), white sage, meditation spray, pendulum, selenite stick & multiple extra stones (6) for more healing work
  • Is packaged for gifting from manufacturer
  • Comes with a downloadable chakra center guide link
  • Includes an e-book of crystals
  • Also comes with a guided insert to help with crystal identification and purpose

Having the right tools to help with meditation crystal healing is helpful, especially if your friend is just getting into the practice. The included information will get them on the right path, and when you see the value they get from your investment, you may even find a little peace of mind yourself. When purchasing crystals through online sources there are often extra steps needed (and we still suggest a good cleansing to make sure those crystals are full of nothing but good energy), but many users say that these stones arrive with the right energy and that is a blessing.

Even with this amazing set, just like in life, there is good and there is bad. With this set, there are a couple of issues that have been brought to the forefront through customer reviews. The pictures do not show you the true colors of the crystals, and you may find upon arrival that they lack the vibrancy you had expected. Crystals are also fragile, so you may want to check for scratches and cracks before wrapping it up. As a gift, you may also want to find a nice picture chart to help your new crystal worker know which stone is which if they are unfamiliar with crystals.

In the end, the amount of value and healing your friend will receive from this very thoughtful gift will be worth so much more to them than any cheesy generic gift. This means that you will be looked at as one heck of a friend.


  • Crystals are all good size for chakra work
  • Price versus value
  • Comes with good energy
  • Multiple stones for different tasks


  • Some crystals may have faded colors
  • No name chart with pictures for crystals
  • Issues with arriving cracked and scratched

3. Gaiam Zafu Meditation Cushion

Sometimes also called a Yoga bolster, a meditation cushion is perfect for the new enthusiast. Whether they are using it to get into those challenging yoga poses or simply for support during their meditation sessions, your friend will appreciate this gift.


When you are getting into meditation, it is sometimes hard to achieve the right posture to work on getting your mind and body in tune. That is why a gift of a meditation pillow is such a great idea. This mediation cushion:

  • Is designed to create perfect posture and alignment
  • Contours with the body due to the buckwheat filling
  • Offers ultimate comfort
  • Has a built-in carrying strap for better portability
  • Can be adjusted with removable filling

Finding the right fit for you when it comes to the comfort of your mediation pose can be tricky, but with this meditation cushion, your friend will be able to customize it to their needs. The easy to remove filling also adds a level of comfort as the buckwheat contours to their body. They don’t even have to stay in the same place because the handle makes it easy to take that journey into a natural setting for deeper meditation. All of this and you thought of a gift that is easy to keep clean too!

There is not much to find fault with if you go with this gift choice. Though you may not be able to tailor it to their specific favorite color as there are only three color options (black, purple & teal), this is still quite the gift. Many also find it a bit on the heavy side so you may want to take that under advisement when deciding whether you should go with this choice.

Even with those few drawbacks, this meditation cushion will make someone very happy and make you feel like you have done something good for the one or ones that you love.


  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to wash
  • Can adjust firmness
  • Made with organic materials
  • Offers superior pressure relief on joints
  • Comfortability


  • Not many color choices
  • It is a little heavy

4. Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

This gift may take a little practice but is one of the best tools you can use in meditation. The Tibetan Singing Bowl Set offers your mediation lover access to a practice that has been used by Buddhists for centuries.


The soothing sound of the singing bowl is used to find your center quickly while relaxing and offering a level of healing that is uniquely found in this tradition. It is a practice that offers mental and physical healing through the vibrations and touch produced by taking the stick and running it along the edge of the bowl or ringing the bowl. The Tibetan Singing Bowl Set:

  • Comes with the bowl, the striker and a pillow for stability
  • Comes in multiple color choices
  • Compact size (suitable for travel)
  • Is handcrafted in Nepal by practitioners

Not only will your friend love the amazing and authentic look of this singing bowl, but the fact that it is easy to carry from a mediation session to yoga class makes this the ultimate on-the-go meditation gift. Many might look at this hand-sized bowl and think it just couldn’t give the sound that you need to achieve harmony, but if you listen to the happy customers in their reviews, you will soon find that the sound is as full as many of its bigger brethren. This all adds up to making this one excellent gift choice for any mediation practitioner in your life.

To be fair, there are of course a few complaints we need to address here so that you know that you are giving the right gift to your friend or family member. Many recent customers note that you may find a little bit of black soot on the bowl once you have unpacked it. This means you may want to do a once over cleaning before you place it in its gift wrapping. You may also want to let the pillow air out as well so that you are not packing a smelly pillow in your present to the ones you love.


  • Cool antique design
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Easy to read care instructions
  • Nice size
  • Full Sound


  • May need to be cleaned before use
  • Issues with mildew smell from the pillow

5. Kiao Time Ceramic Yoga Pose Figurine Set

Adding a little flourish to your friend’s meditation space or home can show you know their passions and be a great option for any occasion where gifts are required. That is why looking at these small ceramic figurines is such an amazing idea.


A touch of beauty can help make a meditation space have just the right energy and with these small figurines that are crafted in yoga poses, that is exactly what you will be gifting your friend. This ceramic figurine set:

  • Is made of porcelain and comes in two colors (black & white)
  • Are crafted in individual figures in different poses
  • Crafted in China

These sleek and simple designed porcelain figures are perfect for home décor or even for that mediation space your friend is building in their extra room. Giving these as a gift shows how much you care and want to help them on their mindfulness journey. The colors that they come in will help accent any room easily and allow for a touch of style as well.

Many of the issues that people find with these figurines mostly have to do with the overall design. Many would love to see them larger and perhaps with a matte finish so you could better see the details of these exquisite pieces. The only other thing that you may want to consider when thinking of gifting these figurines is that they are shipping from China and that means a longer ship time.

So, if these strike you as the perfect gift, make sure you order them immediately so that you allow for enough time to get to you. Then wrap them up and watch the smile appear across your friend’s face as they open them.


  • Nice design
  • Great for altar or prayer space
  • Perfect gift for yoga enthusiasts
  • Comes in two colors


  • Issues with size (too small)
  • Some would like a matte finish more than the gloss
  • Delivery time


With a little careful consideration, you will easily be able to find the best gift for the mediation lovers in your life. The options above are just a few, but one thing we ask, don’t let the hunt for the best gifts for meditation lovers mess up your inner calm; it should be fun. Namaste!

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