Best Gifts for Meditation Lovers: Our Top Picks

Stress and exhaustion are a part of our everyday life. The hectic world we live in has us constantly on the go and our minds inundated with information and stressors. That’s why many people turn to the ancient practice of meditation. Scientifically proven to help with many ailments both physically and mentally, inserting a meditation practice into your daily life is a great way to combat the impact of the hectic world we live in. But what do you get the person who has achieved a Zen way of life?  

How To Find Inner Peace Through Meditation

woman practicing yoga outdoors in moss forest on background of waterfall

Many people turn to meditation to help them find inner peace and deal with the challenges everyday life throws at them. This practice is available for everyone who needs to slow down a bit and get their mind focused on getting to a place of peace. In this post, we will take a closer look at […]

How Long Should You Meditate

woman meditating in lotus pose

Meditation can be a valuable practice for all types of people with different backgrounds to decrease negativity in their lives. Many professional health practitioners around the world recommend meditation to help slow down the pace of your life for a few minutes. We will investigate how much time you need to meditate to get the best […]

How to Sit On a Meditation Bench

Portrait of young african woman with closed eyes practicing yoga with joint hands

When you first begin using a meditation bench as part of your daily practice, figuring out the best way to do so can be pretty challenging. You want to ensure that you are using the bench properly so that your back is properly aligned and so that your legs and ankles are always comfortable. Meditation benches […]

What is a Meditation Bench

Young woman doing yoga exercise indoors at home, meditating.

If you prefer to practice your meditation on your knees, but find that kneeling on the floor often leads to discomfort, then it might be time for you to invest in a meditation bench. These benches are specially designed for meditating in a kneeling position, and allow you to meditate comfortably for much longer than […]

Meditation Bench VS Cushion

oung woman meditating at home, sitting on floor with furry cushion

Quick Navigation What is a Meditation Bench?Meditation On a CushionWhy Regular Sitting is UncomfortableSo, Which Should You Choose? What is a Meditation Bench?Meditation benches are single-person, small benches that are designed to relieve some pressure from your legs while you meditate, while also promoting better alignment for your spine and back. These benches generally have […]

Best Meditation Bench of 2021- Complete Reviews with Comparison

Meditation stool with cushion and sheep fur

Enter your text here… Quick Navigation Comparison ChartBest [PRODUCT] Reviews1. Florensi Meditation Bench2. BLUECONY IKUKO Meditation Bench3. Monk & Llama Kneeling Meditation Bench4. Mindful Modern Folding Meditation Bench5. Mudra Crafts Foldable Meditation BenchFINAL VERDICT Comparison ChartFlorensi Meditation Bench (18″x7″x6″), Bamboo, Foldable & Ergonomic Meditation Stool, Sturdy Prayer BenchBUY ON AMAZONBLUECONY IKUKO Original Meditation Bench, Wooden Kneeling Ergonomic Seiza – Eben […]

What Is Tibetan Bowl Meditation

Massage with bamboo sticks and Tibetan bowl

Over the past couple of years, meditation has become increasingly popular for a number of reasons. In this modern day and age, stress and anxiety are extremely common. Work, global issues, and household stress can take a massive toll on a person’s mental and physical well-being. For this reason, many people look into and experiment with […]

How To Use Meditation Bowl

Woman playing on Tibetan singing bowl while sitting on yoga mat against a waterfall

Over the past couple of years, meditation has become more and more popular. With chronic stress and anxiety playing a significant role in many people’s lives, meditation offers an affordable and easy solution. One tool that many people use when meditating is the Tibetan meditation bowl. This is essentially a type of bell that produces a […]

Yoga Bolster vs Meditation Pillow

Group of young sporty attractive people in yoga studio, lying on bolster cushion, stretching and relaxing

Yoga and meditation are two very common practices used by people all over the world. With a massive increase in stress and anxiety levels, it only makes sense that people have started looking into affordable and easy solutions. If you are serious about your yoga and meditation, there are various pieces of equipment that you should […]

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